I love Easter because of my Savior.

This week is Easter week, starting last Sunday with Palm Sunday, and ending this Sunday with the risen Jesus Christ. I love the Easter season, and I am so grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ. He suffered for me, He died for me, and He lives for me, and He did all that for you too! I am so grateful for His love, and how He exemplified our Heavenly Father’s love for us as well. Today I thought I would share 2 things with you, first a few videos to hopefully get you in the spirit of Easter, and then a couple of fun, easy pieces of art that I made for Seminary but really thought they turned out nice, and they were so easy!

But first, the videos. These are from my Church’s website. There are a ton more here, but I will link my favorites ones and then if you wish you can explore further on the site.

This is one of my favorites called Because of Him

This one they produced last year, and I love the story it tells in just a couple of minutes – The Good News

I love this one, He is here for everyone – Hallelujah – An Easter Message

And one more – Because of Him: An Easter Message of Hope

There are so many more videos, and if you want some directly from the scriptures, go to the Bible videos, New Testament and there are a number of ones about the Easter message and season. Easter is about Jesus Christ, and I am so grateful to have this week to really focus and remember Him.

Now, the artwork. The taller one with the hands I used some of my favorite scriptures from the New Testament, most of them comfort and understanding from the Savior. The second one is names of Jesus to remind me of who He really is. It’s super easy to make, all you need is a line drawing of Jesus, coloring pages work well, and a few colored pens or markers, or you could do it all in black too. I hope this Easter, and the message of the risen Lord Jesus Christ can bring comfort and peace to your life as it has to mine.

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