My thoughts from General Conference.

This weekend was our General Conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It was such a great weekend. There were 9 hours worth of speakers and wow, did the time fly. I love listening to the Prophet, the Apostles and the general officers of my Church. My home is filled to the brim with the Spirit, and I leave filled and edified. I have direction and understanding as well as work to accomplish for the next 6 months. Today I thought I would share some of my personal notes, and then the quotes from the Prophet, the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.

First my thoughts. I don’t take a lot of notes. I am grateful the conference is recorded and written so that I can go back in the weeks and months ahead to study more thoroughly. On the days of conference I enjoy sitting and feeling more so than writing, but there are words that I feel like speak directly to me, so I make note of them. It’s interesting as well to note that any given talk can speak differently to each individual person, so what I got out of conference can be totally different than others, I love that the Spirit is personal and witnesses and teaches individually, on the unique level we are each at.

First, don’t give up and don’t resist the promptings and peace that come from the Lord. When we exercise faith in Jesus Christ we can finish the work we are given, with His help, because He wants us to succeed.

Make my home a house of God. Nourish my family with His words and add to their lamps one drop at a time so they will be prepared to welcome the bridegroom. An occasional flood of learning is not enough to nourish, but consistent small efforts work the best.

Submit to the authority of God. We cannot be unified if we all go about doing our own thing all the time. We are unique individuals but we can work towards common goals, both in the gospel as well as in the world. We can be kind to all we come in contact with, but to be unified is more than just being kind, it requires working together for good.

Let the bells of hell ring loud, it means we are going in the right direction. Do not be afraid of Satan. We have the Lord and Jesus Christ on our side.

We cannot support Satan with our contentious thoughts and word and then feel like we are following the Savior in our lives.

Perfectionism is a comparison of us to others. Perfection through Christ is us growing into what we can be with help from Christ. Jesus can perfect any offering we have the ability to offer, no matter how meager it might feel.

Those are some of my thoughts from the last 2 days. I will include below a quote from each one of the First Presidency and 12 Apostles. All the talks were so good and will be available on the Church’s website in a few days. Hopefully Wednesday I will remember to include a link for anyone interested in reading or listening.

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