Hi, my name is Stephanie Richey. I was born and raised in Cedar City, UT. When I got married, my husband and I moved to Willow Alaska, where he was born and raised. We have 4 children, most of whom are still home, but a little older and more independent, consequently over the last 10 years or so I have had more time to invest in things that I have wanted to learn and interests that I have. One of those things that I have learned I love is painting. I love being out in nature and creating memories from the beauty that I find all around me, capturing nature so I can enjoy it all year long. I love painting, mainly with watercolor, but I do enjoy acrylics as well. I have found painting to be a great way to relax, and love seeing the end product, at least most of the time!

Over the years I have learned how to put my art on other items, and have enjoyed exploring the various ways to use art besides just wall art. I love using my art to create note cards. Handwritten notes and letters are always fun to receive and having a variety of beautiful note cards on hand makes sending those notes easy. I also have my art on fabric panels. I have always loved sewing and these beautiful, unique fabric panels are a great inspiration and easy starting point for creating beautiful home decor.

I love gardening and cooking and have created a YouTube channel – Stephanie Richey Art with tutorials and informational videos that cover a variety of topics. You’ll find painting tutorials and time-lapse painting videos, some of our family’s favorite recipes and cooking ideas, as well as gardening tours, tips and tricks. My blog is another great place to find ideas, get the recipes from many of the videos, as well as get to know me a little better. You can subscribe to my blog on my homepage.

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