Growing up my parents taught us the importance of family. Family being there for us, us for them, and treating each other with kindness and respect. Growing up we were regular kids, we loved each other, played together, fought a lot, never thought we would ever get along. But now, I love my siblings, and I love their spouses and kids. I had the opportunity to go to visit them for just a couple days this past week and we had so much fun together. I am grateful for the emphasis my parents placed on family growing up, as well as the understanding I have gained as I have grown.

My trip to Utah started because my daughter was going to go to the Temple for our Church. She is preparing to go on an 18 month mission and this is one of the steps to getting there. Because of Covid we haven’t been able to attend the temple regularly, so this was a special opportunity. We had my parents, most of my siblings and their spouses attending, as well as some of my extended family. As we participated in the activities of the temple, I was reminded of why family is so important. I believe that family was ordained of God. That we were placed in families because it was the absolute best place for us to learn and grow. That every child deserves a Father and a Mother and a stable home life to grow up in. No one is going to be a perfect parent, but we can try our best and rely on the Lord to help us as we try to do what is right.

I am grateful for parents who understood that even though they each had different responsibilities, they worked together for the good of our family. Neither was more important than the other, and they treated each other with respect. Their example helped me find a husband who is truly a partner and treats me with respect, listens to me, and values me as a person. I am also grateful to know and understand that families can be together forever. It was a tender experience to participate with family, and I will cherish that opportunity for the rest of my life. I hope you understand how important family is, and that you can love and cherish them. If you have troubles, look for ways to work out those issues. Sometimes it’s best to love from a difference, but no matter what we can pray for our family. I am so grateful for my family, far and near. Enjoy a few pictures from our evening.

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