Today is Easter Sunday. A day of egg hunts and chocolate. A day with family and big dinners. A new beginning with spring in many areas, here in Alaska it’s just around the corner. But today is special for another reason. Today is the day we celebrate the resurrection of Christ. I remember when my kids were in Elementary school. One of their teachers had them do an Easter craft project. They made these big, colorful eggs, and wrote down what Easter was all about. There were so many fun family traditions to read about, so much time together. It was a great reminder of how important family was. My daughter’s teacher came to me after school that day though, and had me read her egg. She had written down, “It’s the day Jesus was resurrected.” I was worried that in our politically correct world she might be in trouble. But the teacher said to me, “You are the only family who really knows and teaches their kids about Jesus, thank you.” I was proud of my daughter, and sad for the world that day.

We live in a very chaotic world. Everywhere around us people are fighting about anything and everything. We see communities torn apart because of differences in opinions, family’s split up because people can’t get along, or at least try to understand each other. We see no peace anywhere. If you ask the world why that is, they will give you so many different answers. People aren’t willing to listen, people aren’t well informed, people shouldn’t be allowed to think for themselves, etc. I don’t believe those are the reasons, at least not totally. I believe it is because we have lost sight of the one that gives peace. Our Savior Jesus Christ. Our country and our world in general is losing it’s moral compass because there is no feeling of accountability to our divine creator, our Heavenly Father, and there is no understanding of the need we have for the healing power that our Savior Jesus Christ provides through His infinite Atonement. So, today I thought I would share with you some of my thoughts, as well as three of my favorite Easter videos.

I know that Jesus Christ came to earth, just as described in the Bible, as a babe in Bethlehem. I know that He was baptized of John the Baptist, and that He set the perfect example of how we should live our lives, how we should treat others. I know that He went about doing good, everywhere He went, regardless of how He was treated, He loved. I know that He suffered for my sins, my transgressions, as well as my sicknesses, and the hurt caused by others, so that He would know how to help me, how to succor me when I am hurting, how to lift me when I fall, and so that I can repent when I make mistakes. I know that He bled from every pour in Gethsemane because of the pains of this fallen world, and I know that he was betrayed and crucified by the very people that He had loved, that He still loved. I know that He was buried in a sepulcher and that on the third day He rose again, the first to rise, but not the last. Because of Him we all will rise again. We all have the opportunity to return and dwell with Him in the presence of a Heavenly Father who loves us dearly, and made all of this possible. I know that Jesus is not a malicious or vindictive judge, but a kind and caring advocate with our Father. He suffered and died out of love for me, His sister. Love for you, and love for all mankind whether or not they will accept Him or not, He did it so we have the option. I am so grateful today, tomorrow, and eternally for that love. I know that the only way we can find peace inside each of us is through Him, and that the only way to regain peace in this world is by turning to Him. I am grateful that I know these things, and that I can share them with you. I hope you enjoy these Easter videos!

Because of Him

Because of Him: an Easter Message of Hope and Triumph

He Lives – Celebrate Easter Because Jesus Christ Lives

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