I found my favorite watercolor brushes!

When I was down in Utah visiting my daughter, we were riding to Red Cliffs State Recreation Area, and I was scrolling through my Facebook feed. I noticed that there was a set of watercolor brushes that were on sale, 50% off. They are somewhat expensive by comparison to the brushes I had normally bought, which worked great, but I really wanted to try this particular brand as they were highly recommended by one of the artists on YouTube I watch, and a lot of watercolor artists that share their work online use them as well. I mentioned them to my daughter, wondering what I should do since it was a great deal, but still expensive.

She asked if I would buy them if they weren’t on sale. I said I probably would, but not the whole set all at once as that was over $100 for the 4 brushes. She said, if I would eventually buy them all, I might as was well bite the bullet and buy them now at the discounted rate. So I did it, right there and then. They are called Silver Black velvet brushes and included a size 2, 4, 6, and 8 round brush. They arrived at my home just a day or two after I got home from my trip to Utah and I was so excited!

Since I received these brushes about 6 weeks ago I have painted quite a number of things, from simple little sketches to full paintings, using them exclusively to give them a fair test run, and I have to say, I absolutely love these brushes. They are a mixture between natural and synthetic bristles. The brushes I had previously been using were all synthetic. I had gotten used to the snap that these brushes had. I ordered some squirrel hair brushes about 9 months ago and tried using them. I didn’t like those. They held a ton of water, way more than I was used to, and they had no snap. As soon as I started to lay my brush down the brush would just get flatter and flatter and wider and wider. I did not like them.

These Silver Black Velvet ones however hold a good amount of water but have good snap. they also come to a better point than my synthetic brushes and I am so amazed by the quality of these brushes, although I don’t know why, as they were so highly recommended. I have found that I paint with a bigger brush for the most part as even the size 8 brush comes to such a fine point I can use it for details that I would previously have gotten my liner brush or size 0 or smaller brush out to achieve the same type of line. They are well worth the money. I do have some specialty brushes that I love using for different things, large brushes for large washes and some interesting looking brushes for fur and different kind for textures, but for everyday painting, there is nothing better.

Just a couple of paintings I have done recently with these Silver Black Velvet brushes:

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