Last night it snowed. It snowed about 2 weeks ago, but didn’t really stick, so this is the first official snowfall in my book. We had about 5 inches this morning when I went out to start my car, and this snow is here to stay for the winter, I’m sure. I love how beautiful and clean fresh snow makes everything look, and how sparkly the driveway looks as I drive down it and the lights hit the different crystally snowflakes.

My daughter’s puppy has never experienced snow. She was born in April after the snow had pretty much all disappeared. This summer she was too hot when it was really hot, and you could tell as it cooled off this fall that her energy level was increasing every morning. She has a very thick coat, and she loves being outside in the cold. But this morning was extra exciting with all the fresh white stuff, she has had a lot of fun playing in the snow today. It was fun to watch her as she bounded through the snow finding new things to smell, old things that are now hidden that she gets to rediscover. Everything is just fresh and new.

As I watched her it reminded me of our children when they were young. My husband and I were married for five years before we had our kids. Christmas and birthdays, first snowfalls and puddles, and things like that were not as exciting, and some things, like the first snowfall, the first flowers of spring, etc. weren’t as noticed as they could have been. We had seen it, it wasn’t as impressive as when we were kids, I guess. But as we had kids, Christmas became exciting again. In fact, everything became exciting again. Fresh snow, especially the first one is always exciting with kids. Puddles to jump in when it rains, leaves falling from the trees, fresh flowers, vegetables picked from the garden, everything is fresh, everything is new and exciting.

So, today watching my daughter’s dog brought back all these memories. But more importantly, it brought back the reminder that I need to look at life with fresh eyes sometimes. See the glitter when I come down the driveway, play in the first snowfall, get excited about the first potato or carrot I dig out of the garden, jump in a puddle once in a while, and just enjoy all the little things in life! These are the things that make life exciting and fun. We experience a lot of big things in life, but there are so many more little things to experience, and this is where most of the joy in life is found.

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