I did not write this Amazon review, but I do have to agree, this has to be one of the best reviews I have ever read! I would definitely be taking this woman’s experience into consideration when thinking about durability and wear on an item like this.

Do you read the reviews on products? Do you write a review on products after you have purchased them? I have to admit, if it’s not an exceptionally good or bad product, I rarely write a review for anything I purchase online, unless that person specifically contacts me and asks me if I would be willing to do so. That’s if it’s a small business. Something like Amazon I wouldn’t write anything except for the above mentioned reasons.

However, I do read reviews quite often when I am looking at purchasing items. Even if I’m purchasing an item locally, especially if it’s expensive. I rarely read the 5 star reviews however, I always go to the 1 or 2 star reviews and read why people didn’t like the item. About half of the those reviews don’t have anything to do with the product, usually dealing with the shipping or gripes with the company, I don’t think those are helpful. But if there’s a consistent issue with the company or the product it usually shows up there.

I also like the websites that compare similar items. When I was looking for my large format printer I looked at quite a number of different comparison charts to see which models were the most consistently at the top of the lists. Once I settled on the ones I was pretty sure I was most interested in, then I started reading reviews on a number of different platforms as well. This is where I start reading both the good and bad reviews. Often a bad review will have a problem that a good review will actually have the answer to. My laptop was that way, with people complaining about several problems and people elsewhere sharing what they did to fix the problem easily with various updates.

Reviews are helpful to read, and I should probably write them more often. Sometimes they aren’t just informative but quite entertaining as well. How many of you read and/or write reviews? Do you find it helpful?

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