Is God real? How can you know He cares about you?

This life is an interesting thing. The purpose of being here is to be tested along the way. Often we think when something bad happens that it means God doesn’t love us or He wouldn’t have allowed it to happen, or worse, that He doesn’t exist because something bad happened. I believe to the contrary. I don’t believe God makes bad things happen, but we live in a fallen world where that kind of stuff naturally happens, whether through our own personal choices, the choices of others, or naturally occurring circumstances. The purpose of such occurrences is to test us to see if we will rely upon the Lord, even when things get hard, or if we will go it alone and even possibly curse God for the situation. The first, relying on God, is the better of the two options. But how do we know that relying on Him is actually “working?”

Tender mercies. When we choose to focus on God in difficult situations we see all the ways that, even though trials come, the Lord has a hand in helping us. Recently my oldest daughter had a very scary situation in which a friend was seriously injured in a very remote location. Bad stuff happens sometimes out of no fault of anyone there. In this situation the ground was just less stable than anyone realized. But the tender mercies began immediately. Some of the bigger ones are as follows:

They were with a large group rather than just the two of them.

Some were able to get safely to higher ground for cell reception while others stayed and gave comfort and aid.

Rescue workers were able to get in and get everyone out.

The injuries, while serious, were miraculously much less severe than anyone imagined possible given the situation.

Hospital staff was excellent and surgery was timely and went very well.

Family was able to fly down and arrive safely while friends stayed and took care of things along the way.

Extended family nearby opened their home to friends and family to stay so they didn’t have to worry about where they would go at night.

Rides were given to those who lived farther away and didn’t know how they would get home.

Comfort was given by people who came to the hospital, not knowing if they were needed, but willing to show up anyway.

So many more little things, that on the surface appeared to be coincidences, but when you realize who you rely on, the Lord, you see that God doesn’t do random, and He doesn’t do coincidence. He knows what will happen and He puts the right things in the right places to help out, often it’s everyday people who are just trying to do what’s right, and who listen to the whisperings of the Spirit. We are each His hands here, and when we get out and help out, especially when we feel prompted to do so, we assist in the Lord’s work, and in providing a piece of those tender mercies.

There is a long road ahead for this young lady, but with the Lord’s continued help, complete healing for her, and all involved, mentally and physically is totally possible. Often we want to see the Lord’s hand in our lives, or evidence that He is there, but we discount the things He does for us. However, when we start to live with more gratitude in our lives, when we start to look at things with an eternal perspective, and when we start to ask for His help and watch for the answers, we can see Him in the every day things we do. The Lord does not leave us alone. We are the ones who turn away from Him. But, it is never too late to turn back around if we’ve wandered. We are His children, He loves us, and He wants to be a part of our lives. Not just a small part, but in the details of our lives.

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