Practice makes … better. I love getting better by doing, especially painting. Check out my most recent art.

This past little while I have been trying really hard to paint at least 4-5 days a week. I am subscribed to a watercolor channel: Emily Olson Art as well as a YouTube channel: Paul Clark. Both are awesome watercolor artists, and both are so different in their styles. I enjoy trying out paintings from both of them. Emily Olson has a couple of different kinds of tutorials, Most of the quick paintings I do come from her daily challenges that she posts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. She also does longer tutorials, I use most of those for inspiration for paintings, not necessarily follow along tutorials. Paul Clark does a lot of landscape paintings as well as pen and wash style paintings. I have done a couple of larger size paintings using his as inspiration.

I enjoy watching these artists paint in their various styles. As I paint along with them, or watch and then do my own painting inspired by what they’ve done, I add to my repertoire of techniques and I can see improvement in my overall paintings in a couple of ways, which might seem contradictory, but actually compliment each other. I have been able to loosen up a little bit in my style, not having to put in every little detail, but just give the general drift in areas of my paintings that don’t need detail, and the mind can then fill in the blanks. I have also learned how to add better detail without as much work, to the things that really matter, the focal points of the paintings. So here are the paintings, large and small, that I have worked on recently.

Emily Olson – Quick scketches

And the ones from Paul Clark:

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