Cedar 1

I love visiting my family! I am late tonight and my post will probably be short, but I thought I would share a couple of things we’ve been doing.

We flew down on Tuesday, started at around 1:00am. The flights were full and crowded, but typical and uneventful which is always nice. My sister and oldest daughter came to Las Vegas to pick us up and the 3 hour drive home was a great time to catch up with both my sister and daughter. We stopped for In n Out Burgers in St. George and then made it to Cedar City by about 2:00 in the afternoon.

We had a little bit of time to run to the store and then we went to a unique exhibit of a lifesize replica of the Old Testament Tabernacle. That was a fascinating tour and we learned some interesting details about the Tabernacle and the rituals and ceremonies performed there. The one thing I found most interest was that the Holy of Holies is 15x15x15 which represents perfection.

The evening was spent visiting with family and having dinner at one of my favorite restaurants – Costa Vida. I dream about that place sometimes. It was fun to catch up with the nieces and nephews as well as siblings and their spouses. The only people I didn’t get to see were my brothers.

Today has been much more relaxed. Many of the family members left early this morning for Disneyland so the house was pretty quiet. We did some shopping and touring around Cedar to see the changes and development since my last visit, and of course we drove up to see the temple while we were out and about. This evening we had another great dinner, this time with just my parents and siblings and just 2 nephews. It was so fun to just catch up in with just a few, and I finally got to see my brothers as well.

I love coming to visit, we have really busy days and then really relaxed and quiet days and I appreciate both. Also, apparently I brought the inclement weather. It’s rained and the wind has blown since I got here and tonight it’s snowing. Oh well, good thing I came to visit family not get a tan!

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