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I have a sweet tooth, a little bit. I try not to eat too much sugar, but I have only gotten off sugar once in my life. It was a great thing, but hard to maintain because I do like something sweet once in a while. Some of my favorite sweet treats are ice cream, but I don’t like just plain flavor ice creams. I like the ones with the candy bars or cookie dough or something in it. Unless it’s soft serve, then I like vanilla, and I like strawberry milkshakes. I like cheesecake once in a while, but cheesecake really is a once in a while dessert. New York cheesecake is my favorite. I have made it a couple of times, but a whole cheesecake is too much, even with my teenage boys. We ended up throwing away about 1/3 of it last time because it was so big and too much. I like Jello Cheesecakes as well once in a while. Not a big fan of cake, really no one in our house is. We make a cake, and everyone eats one piece and then it sits on the counter until I throw it away.

But I have one sweet that is my all-time favorite: cookies! I love cookies! Most flavors, and most textures, whether crispy or chewy or soft, I love them all. I even like most store-bought cookies although my favorite store cookie has to be Mint Oreo’s. Milk or not, I love Oreo’s. Consequently, I don’t buy them very often as I could eat a whole large package by myself in a couple of days. I have a couple of friends who occasionally give me a package of Oreo’s and I have to share them with my kids, so I don’t eat them all by myself.

When my kids were in Elementary school I baked cookies for all sorts of things, class parties, bake sales, thank you’s for teachers and staff. It seemed like for about 10 years I baked cookies almost every week for something. Since my kids have gotten out of Elementary school however, I rarely back cookies. Partly it’s because of the amount of time I have available, partly because I don’t have all those events and activities that require a treat of some kind, partly because I know that if I make them, I will eat them and they’re not good for me all the time.

Last Thanksgiving and this upcoming Thanksgiving my Church has been asked to provide a large number of homemade cookies for the community Thanksgiving blessing for those in need. I signed up for 10 dozen and so the baking has begun. It’s been a while since I last baked cookies, but I remember how much I love doing it. So, I had to taste the dough, and at least one finished cookie, as well as the one that broke to pieces. But I have held it to 2 cookies so far today, I’m proud of myself. This first batch is one I rarely make but love it every time I do. It’s an Oatmeal Scotchy. They require the butterscotch chips, and I never think to buy them any other time of the year. But because we like them so well, I decided to buy 2 bags, one for the giveaway, and one for later when I want to make them for the family again.

Up next is one of my favorite homemade cookies, Peanut Butter cookies. I say one of my favorites, but if I listed all my favorites, it would probably be every cookie you have ever heard of, except snickerdoodles. I don’t care for those. That’s the only cookie I have ever found that I don’t really like. I think I will also make Molasses ginger cookies. These I could sit and eat all day long and never get tired of. I like them when they’re soft just out of the oven, and I like them when they’ve set out for a few days and get a little bit crisp. The last one that is a for sure cookie to bake is a chocolate chip cookie. This one is a favorite of everyone in the house, so I have to make extras so I can share with my family as well. I will probably make a couple more varieties, but I haven’t decided on what kind yet. I like pumpkin chocolate chip as well as a cream cheese sugar cookie or cowboy cookie. Maybe I will have to make at least one batch of each! Anyway, I am excited to be baking cookies for the Thanksgiving blessing as well as for my family to enjoy, oh, and me to enjoy too! What are your favorite cookies?

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  1. Cookies say it all! Thanks for your service to the Thanksgiving blessing

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