Today I thought I would share with you several of my favorite YouTube channels and why I love them. The list is varied, because I have a lot of different interests, but each one has inspired me in some way, and each one has taught me something different.


I love to exercise, and in the past, I have used the Beach Body videos and app. But last winter the budget wouldn’t support that as an option anymore, so I had to try something new. I turned to YouTube and wow, there was a ton of options there, and they’re all free! My favorite one is called Juice and Toya. They have a huge variety of workouts, from 10 minutes to 45 minutes, videos with weights for strengthening, cardio videos, stretching, core, everything I need. I like how they have their videos set up and they’re easy to follow along with.


As you may be aware, I love to paint. I know I don’t know everything there is to know about watercolors, so I love to learn about art and follow along with other artists. I follow several artists on YouTube, but my favorite is Emily Olsen Art. I also subscribe to her website for a small fee because she has way more content, tips, helps and tutorials there than she does on YouTube. But her YouTube channel has a ton of information and simple paintings as well. I learn so much from her and enjoy both the YouTube channel and her website.


I digitize all my own art. This is the process of taking the original, taking a picture of or scanning it, loading it on a computer and then color matching it with the original so it can be utilized in a variety of ways, the most common being prints. The basics of digitizing weren’t hard to understand, and for a lot of my paintings I didn’t initially need help. But as I have learned more, seen others do more, and desired to try some of these new things, I needed help. I like the Photoshop Training Center for this purpose. I learn best by watching someone else do it, and following along, and this has been immensely helpful when I get stuck. One thing I did learn while looking for a channel was to make sure they’re using the same photoshop program I’m using. Some things are similar across the board, and some things vary from program to program.


This one I haven’t done as much research in, and I only have one channel that I am subscribed to. However, I do watch various channels on occasion, of gardeners up here in Alaska. This one however is my favorite, and she is down in Arkansas I believe. It’s called The Seasonal Homestead. I really like the way she does her videos, the fact that she is just open and out there and shares the good and the frustrating and bad. It’s real, not just the best parts. I also like that it’s their whole family. My kids and husband are not interested in being in my videos for the most part (except the yard cleanup one), but on The Seasonal Homestead they all get involved and it’s fun to watch.


I love dogs. Even before we got our puppy, I enjoyed watching dog training videos. I love seeing how quickly a dog can respond to the right kind of training and how much happier they are when they are well trained. The owners are much happier as well! My favorite Dog training channel is Will Atherton Canine Training. I love his approach to dog training much more than a lot of the channels I have found, and since my daughter has had her puppy, this channel has helped us immensely.

Lastly, I have to give a shout out to my nephew Ryder. He has created a fun YouTube channel called MrRyderDie. He posts videos quite regularly, and he is so fun to watch. He is just getting started but is having fun with all of his content, and I enjoy watching what he comes up with each day. He enjoys gaming so there are a number of those kinds of videos. He also enjoys sharing a variety of aspects of life and the things he is doing on his YouTube channel, so there’s a variety of content to watch.

These are some of my favorites on YouTube, I subscribe to quite a few more, but these seem to be the ones that I go back to over and over again.

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