This week has been crazy busy trying to get ready for the upcoming tourist season, help me husband at work, and help me kids get the things done they need to do as well. So, today’s blog post will be short. One of the things I did this week was make a pillow for a YouTube tutorial. I love making fabric out of my art, and I love creating other things, like quilts and pillow to decorate my home, and to sell at the markets this summer.

But I also want to create things that you can then create at home and infuse your style into, thus the YouTube tutorials. I have made 2 different types of pillows, actually, it’s how they close that is different. One is just a pillow, and then second is a removable pillow cover with an envelope style back. I will be making one more pillow probably at the beginning of next week, that will have a zipper closure, and be a little bit more complex as far as the piecing on the quilt. But it still won’t be a difficult pillow to make.

So, the 2 that I have made are here, and you can find the tutorial on my YouTube channel, the link is on the home page of my website, or you can click on the pictures to link you directly to that particular video.

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