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I love dirt, well, I guess it depends on the time of year. Well, actually it depends on where I find it. All winter long we don’t really have dirt tracking into the house, just water, that’s kind of nice. But all through the spring, summer and fall, the entryway always has some dirt on the floor somewhere, no matter if I just swept the floor or not. This past week the temperatures have been above freezing, there is visible melting in the snowbanks. The state has been out plowing and snow blowing some of the bike paths, and finally this week, right out my front door there is dirt, in front of my house! Now, as you can see, there is snow just a couple feet out still, but this is a sure sign that spring is on its way.

If you remember from a post the other day, I had recently planted starts for my garden as well, and by today all the broccoli and cabbage have already sprouted! One of my daughters walked into the kitchen the other day and said it smelled like dirt. She then said, “I love the smell of dirt!” I do too! I guess for me, it is the smell of spring, of renewal, of new, great things to come. The other thing I have really noticed lately is how red the Birch trees have gotten this week. That is another sure sign of spring. It means the sap is starting to flow again in the trees, and it won’t be long before we can start to see the buds growing bigger.

My favorite part about all this dirt and fresh new plants is the reminder of freshness and beginnings. Spring is a time of beginnings and renewal. I love that God created spring, and I believe He did so with this in mind, a reminder to us that we can begin again, we can start over, and we can replant ourselves, gaining new insights, talents, understandings, fixing thing we did wrong and moving onward and upward with our lives. It also reminds me that others have the same opportunity. Not a single one of us is the same this spring as we were last spring, and with spring comes the reminder that we can become new again if we choose to do so. I also need to remember not to hold others back with my opinions about how they used to be, that is how we allow others room to grow.

So, while I am not always excited about the extra sweeping, I am so very grateful for the dirt and the reminder that it is warm outside. I am also grateful today to remember that it is a sign of renewal and an opportunity to begin today and each day fresh, working to do better, even if it is only one percent better, one step better, one thought better than I did yesterday.

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