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Snow is a funny thing. I love the first snow fall of every year. I love the snow all the way up until Christmas. But after Christmas, I don’t love it so much. And when we get into March, I really dislike any snow accumulation. I would prefer it to be disappearing, not stacking up. I love this quote though, because it reminds me to enjoy the snow while it’s here. It really is a choice I make. Today is a snow day from school because we got about 7 inches of snow so far, but many areas further south got rain and ice instead of snow. I think in some ways I prefer the snow to the ice. But I didn’t have to wake up early to drive to Seminary on bad roads, so I will enjoy and be grateful for the snow. It really is beautiful.

This is out my kitchen door. We have a 3 foot drop off the deck, and the snow is above the edge of the deck. My kids love to walk across the edge of the wall that you can kind of see on the bottom right side of the picture. There is an 8 foot drop down to the ground below, and they love to jump off that wall into the soft snow below. Sometimes, if the snow is really fluffy like it is today, they almost completely disappear as the snow fluffs in around them. It’s fun to watch, or it is now that they are older, and I know they’re not going to get hurt.

Another look a little further around the corner of the house from where the first picture is. I love the trees in the winter. We don’t get a lot of wind, so they stay snow covered most of the winter. Coming down our driveway it creates a beautiful winter wonderland affect. We have had many visitors over the years comment on how pretty our driveway is in the winter because of the trees and snow, they say it is magical. I am grateful for those comments as sometimes I don’t remember to look at the beauty because I see it every day all winter long.

I am grateful for the temperatures as well. This time of year, it could be anywhere from -20 to -40 for weeks on end, and it has been really warm by comparison. The last few weeks it has been in the 20’s during the day, and today it is 32 degrees. I love the warmer temperatures because it makes me more motivated to get outside and enjoy the snow. When it’s really cold I tend to hunker down and just stay inside as much as possible. So, while winter is not my favorite season, although I enjoy every season because I enjoy the change. I will choose today to get outside and enjoy the fresh, clean, white snow, and the beauty that it creates all around me.

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