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For the last several months I have been pondering on, and slowly making changes to my business. Last year, a few weeks into the year I decided to write this blog once a week. Then, as the year progressed, I decided to up that to twice a week. I have really enjoyed sharing my thoughts with you, and hope that you have enjoyed reading them. I have also enjoyed the comments that I have received, and hope that you continue to do so. With the 1-year anniversary of my blog approaching, I wanted to get some feedback from my readers,

I have been trying to decide how to proceed this year with my business. This isn’t a new thing, I’ve been thinking about several ways to proceed since about October, and have started to implement some already, and have several that I will work on as the weeks go on this spring. But I wanted to touch base here and get your opinions. I have been debating on adding one additional day to my blog, not sure which day yet, that would be totally dedicated to what I am doing with my art/business, whether it was links to YouTube tutorials, things I was working on painting, art I had uploaded to my website, new products or product reviews, etc. I would still write this blog, with thoughts and things on Sunday’s and Wednesdays.

So today I am looking for feedback from my readers, particularly those who are subscribed and getting these as an email. I know that I am one of those people that, as soon as I start getting a ton of emails from a particular company, even if I like that company, I unsubscribe. Simply because I don’t have time to read them all, and I don’t really want them cluttering up my email every day. Obviously, this wouldn’t be every day, but I don’t want to clutter up your email with stuff you really don’t want to read.

I do share, and am planning on increase what I share, on my Instagram page. I enjoy sharing there, but I feel like there is a limited amount of “space” there to share. I know I can write whatever I want, to any length I would like, but again, when I’m on Instagram, if it’s very lengthy, I don’t read it unless it’s really interesting, or something I have been researching myself and want to learn more about (or if it’s family). So now I am asking you to share with me. Do you want another email? Do you want to know more about my art? Would you rather I just stick with 2 emails a week and look at other platforms for sharing art? What other platforms do you like for your business? I have debated on doing podcasts, do you listen to and like podcasts? Do you have any other thoughts about subject matter, even for this biweekly blog? Change is inevitable, and if we can’t learn to change, we will be left behind. I look forward to and love change, it stretches me and makes me grow. I am looking forward to hearing from you and listening to your thoughts. You can comment here to my blog post, or you can contact me via my email –

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