I mentioned several posts ago the opportunity I had to purchase a large format printer. I have had so much fun with this printer. I am amazed at how beautiful the prints are, and how detailed they are. I know, they wouldn’t sell these printers for this purpose if they didn’t make amazing prints, but they really are beautiful. I am grateful to be able to print at home, which would normally have taken 2 weeks to get what I ordered. Now I just walk downstairs, sit at my computer and print. And if there’s anything wrong with the print, I can fix it and reprint. It’s amazing.

Anyway, Prep. I am preparing for a local art tour before Christmas. I have been printing, framing, coming up with new ideas, looking over product that I haven’t look at since the end of September when my last summer show was. I love looking at what I have, but I really like trying new things. This year it wasn’t necessarily new product so much as how to display existing prints. I have been having fun trying new things since I can now print whatever I want, within reason, and can manipulate it and cut it, and don’t have to worry about “ruining” it because it would take 2 weeks to get another print and cost a lot more than printing it myself.

So, my craft room, that is still slightly torn apart as I revamp and utilize the space differently, is filled with picture frames, scrap paper and mat, and lots of art that has been framed and some that still needs to be framed, and a huge list of what still needs to be printed and framed or packaged. But I love this! I love the opportunity to share with my local neighbor’s somethings that I love doing! I just hope the weather will cooperate and people will get out on a Saturday to shop local.

Anyway, one other thing I wanted to share. I wrote a post in November about Music and shared some of my favorite music, but I have recently had shared with me a new Christmas song that has become my favorite this year, so I would like to share it with you! It’s called Far Away, and I would love to hear your thoughts. This version was sung by a group of missionaries in the Nashville, Tennessee mission, and filmed and edited by a missionary in that mission, that happens to be a friend of the family, so I got a preview. Thank you, Spencer Murray, for doing what you do! I loved it! Do you have any new favorite Christmas songs this year?

One thought on “Prep”

  1. Hello Steph:

    I hope that all is well with you. If you don’t mind a suggestion. You can send out or deliver letters of invitation to your show and some will come no matter what the weather is like. That personal touch goes a long way with people born before the internet. There are two posts on organizing art shows on my blog. Feel free to visit and see if any of those ideas will help.
    All The Best.


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