First, before we get into the pocket thing, just a reminder that I have a FREE GIVEAWAY drawing going on right now. There is a bag, apron, fabric panel, small print, and some of my favorite stickers, so check out my last blog post to see how to enter, it’s really easy! I will be drawing on Sunday, November 28 and will post the winner on my blog, as well as on Instagram. I will also, hopefully, be able to contact the person who wins!

So, on to pockets. I love pockets in my jeans, well, in all my pants, but particularly jeans. I don’t know a woman alive that doesn’t like having pockets in all their lower body clothing. I also like them in dresses, as well as the long open cardigans and things like that. Pockets are very handy for storing things and keeping them safe. I remember when my kids were little and they discovered pockets. Everything went in there, first was their hands, until they discovered that walking with your hands in your pockets is a really bad idea if you trip. Then, everything else, rocks, dirt, sand, leaves, whatever cool thing they found outside.

As we get older, we tend to store more useful things in pockets, like your wallet, extra change, car keys, Chapstick, useful stuff like that. Some women like carrying a purse, that’s good too, but I hate having the extra stuff to carry around. I don’t carry extra stuff around like lotion, my checkbook, tissues, hairbrush or comb. All that stuff goes in the car, since I am rarely out and about without a vehicle. My kids still ask me to carry their stuff. I can be walking through a grocery store carrying an armload of items (because I didn’t want to grab a cart), and my kids will want me to carry the stuff they’re carrying too. Or, we’re standing at Church and they bring me their coats and scriptures because they’re tired of holding them.

Where is this all going? To my pet-peeve. I hate it when women’s jeans come with pockets like this:

I can barely fit my fingers in there, no way I’m getting my car keys to stay in there, and I wouldn’t dare put any amount of money in a pocket this small, it would fall out and get lost. Who designs jeans this way?! The worst part is, the pants are really comfortable, so I wear them around the house when I know I don’t have to go anywhere. Guys jeans they have the biggest pockets ever. My boys walk around with their hands in their pockets, almost up to their elbows, they’re so roomy! Why can’t women’s jeans be designed like that? Anyway, I have very few pet-peeves. Most things I just ignore, but I thought today I would share with you all one of the few, probably ridiculous, pet-peeves that I do have. What are some of your pet-peeves?

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