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I love music. Especially inspiring music. I love to listen, and if I really like it, I love to buy the sheet music and learn to play it on the piano. I don’t ever remember hating to practice the piano. But I remember not wanting to sometimes. But, when I learned how to play well enough that I could play whatever I wanted, that’s when I started to love to play the piano. I don’t take the time to do it as often as I should now, usually only 3 or 4 days a week, but I still love to play, and I still love to find new music, music that inspires me, and that I can play over and over again on my own.

When I was growing up I loved to listen to country music. But as I have gotten older, I really like a large variety of genre’s of music. I have 2 exceptions, and one isn’t a complete exception because I have heard some that I don’t mind. The first is Rap music. I really dislike most rap music, but there are a few songs that have rap in them that I don’t mind too much, so I dislike most, but there is a certain type, maybe, that is ok. I don’t know how to classify the type other than to say that it’s definitely not the majority of the song, and I can understand what they are saying, and it’s uplifting. The other type of music I dislike is Hard Rock/Heavy Metal, I’m not sure the classification anymore on some of that music, but I’m sure you know what type I’m talking about. I just don’t listen to it.

Today I thought I would like you to a few of my favorite songs. These songs generally have an uplifting message, and a lot of them have music that I enjoy playing as well. Some of it has lyrics, some of it doesn’t. You can click on the song to link to YouTube and listen to it.

The first song is called: Got It In You by Banners. I like this song because there was a time when I didn’t really know if I was good enough, or could succeed at what I was trying to accomplish. I received a text (that I still have to this day), from a friend who basically told me I was enough, that I had already started to succeed, and I shouldn’t give up. I heard this song not long after, and it reminded me of this friend and his kinds words.

Second song is called: Don’t Give Up On Me. This version may seem a little weird, it’s my kids least favorite YouTube version of this song, but I really like this one. It’s the singer of the song, Andy Grammer and a group of kids from a school. This song is about not giving up on each other, and how the kids sing it with him, I love it.

Next is another Andy Grammer song: Honey, I’m Good. I love this song because it talks about being faithful to your spouse. The video is also really cute, as he has a lot of different couples and how long they have been married.

I love this next group, and I love most of their songs. Their group is called Home Free, and they do a lot of song remakes. This is my favorite version of one of my favorite hymns How Great Thou Art. I love this song, I love playing it on the piano, I love hearing it sung, but this one is my favorite version. And, the bass voice in this group is phenomenal as well.

I’ll just share one more with you. This group is also one of my favorites. They are a piano/cello group, and most of their songs are music, no voice. I love piano music, and the cello adds a great harmony. This song I also love to play on the piano, along with a bunch of their other songs. It’s called Can’t Help Falling In Love by The Piano Guys. This is an oldie I guess, but I love their arrangement. They have so many songs that I love to listen to and play. They are definitely worth checking out.

If you’re looking for some of awesome Christmas songs, here are some of my favorites:

O Come, O Come , Emmanuel by The Piano Guys

Little Drummer Boy by Pentatonix

Christmas Hallelujah by Covington

Oh Come, All Ye Faithful by Pentatonix

Oh Holy Night by Josh Groban

I Love Those J I N G L E Bells by Frank Sinatra

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