Yesterday and today my Church had its semi-annual General Conference. This is a worldwide broadcast where we hear from our prophet and apostles as well as our other general authorities. I have talked about this in a couple of past posts, so today instead of explaining about it, I will share a short quote from each one of the talks. This weekend is one that we in our house look forward to for weeks, not just because of the food and snacks, but because of the messages of hope and inspiration we receive as well as the wonderful spirit it fills our home with. I am grateful for prophets in our day to guide and direct us in these changing times. I hope you are able to find something inspirational in these short messages as well.

The last two aren’t necessarily the most important, there was just 35 instead of 36. I am so grateful for the words of these men and women, called of God to testify of Him. I am grateful now to have the opportunity to study these words for the next 6 months, until the next General Conference. I will link to Conference talks when they are up and available, usually by Wednesday.

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