In my last blog post I commented on how busy we have been the last couple of weeks. I had felt at times like I was going to drown in all the things that needed to be done and the lack of time I felt like I had to do them in. Even as things have finally started to slow down the past couple of days, I have still felt hectic and cluttered in my mind and unsettled in my heart.

Today at Church as I was listening to the speakers speak, the thought came into my mind, not words or a huge overwhelming feeling, but a simple, quiet thought that came with peace – Slow down, be still. It was just what I needed today. I thought about the last couple of weeks, all that we had to do and everything we accomplished, but also some of the things I should have done better that don’t take a lot of time, like saying my prayers in the morning, and getting my scriptures read first thing, things that slow me down so I can prepare for my days but had neglected because my mind was so full of other things.

As I have been thinking about this, I have thought about how quickly the world and all the “stuff” that “just has to be done” creep into every aspect of my life and how easily the really important things get pushed aside or completely forgotten in the moments when they should be the priority. I don’t find it hard to stay busy, but sometimes it is hard to slow down and do those things that affect me on the inside, that have the greatest impact on my day.

Sunday is my favorite day of the week, and lately it has been even more so because it is a day that I can slow down a little bit, that I can go to Church, get the strength I need for the next week, and recommit myself to the things that matter most, and for some reason lately, I have felt that strength more so than I have most of my life. Not that I haven’t always noticed that it makes a difference, I know it’s always there and that my week will always go better when I go to Church, but lately the strength that comes from being there and then recommitting myself to studying, prayer, etc. during the week has been almost palpable.

This evening I can see all the things we need to do this week. But I know that as I go forward, doing those simple things that keep me on the right track, assisted by my Heavenly Father, I can do all things, in the right time, and in the right order, when I start off right every morning. I am grateful for that simple inspiration – Slow down, be still. I hope that I can remember that this week, and that you all can be inspired in the way that you need it most as well.

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