Some days are busy, but watching my kids learn makes it worth it.

Wow, do you ever have those days that are crazy busy? Today was one of those. But I shouldn’t say busy like running around and doing all sorts of things. I had the opportunity to spend the day at work with my husband again. As our kids get older they are more helpful, but they also have more activities pulling them different directions. Our daughter had made plans to hang out with a friend so I was able to go help.

I enjoy the change of pace, but I also enjoy hanging out not only with my husband, but with my boys as well. It’s good to see them working hard, fun to talk with them, but I enjoyed watching today. Watching my husband patiently instruct our boys. He has always been pretty patient with all our kids, but watching today, he allowed them time to do different jobs themselves. This obviously took longer than it would have had he just done it himself, but he was teaching. It was fun to watch, but throughout the day I was so grateful for his patience, and for his desire to teach them. Even when it took a little longer.

Then this evening I decided I’d like to go see the new Top Gun movie. My husband didn’t want to go, so I opened it up for any of the kids. My boys decided to join me. We had a great time, and it was a great movie, a great way to end a busy day.

This week begins the first of a summer full of Farmer’s Markets as well, so tomorrow will be the final preparation day for that. I am excited to get going, and look forward to seeing a lot of old friends and meeting a lot of new people. I hope you all have opportunity to get outside and enjoy, and if you’re in or traveling through Willow, Alaska on Friday, I’d love to see you at the Willow Farmers Market!

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