Pulled Pork

Yesterday I completed a YouTube video tutorial about using a large pork roast, often called a picnic pork roast. You can view the tutorial here called Pulled Pork. These pieces of meat are usually about 6-10 pounds, have a large bone in the middle, and are really fatty. But they make some of the best pulled pork, but they can be used in so many different ways. So today I thought I would write down the instructions for those who would like to print them, as well as offer several suggestions for use of the pork.

You will need a large picnic pork roast, a roasting pan, or pan big enough for the pork as well as juice accumulation. You will also need a dry rub for pork, you will need approximately 1/2 cup. I most often scour the internet for a dry rub recipe, as I can customize that recipe to my family’s tastes. In this video I decided to try a purchased rub, which work well. At any rate, I will not include any kind of rub recipe here. If you don’t want to use a rub, I would recommend using a salt and pepper “rub” just to season the meat.

Instructions – Remove the roast from the packaging. Rinse the roast and then pat it dry with paper towels. Place in the roasting pan of your choice and then rub the roast with your chosen seasonings. Cover with the lid of the pan or cover tightly with aluminum foil. Place in a 250-degree oven (yes, 250, that’s not a typo). Cook for approximately 8-12 hours. This will depend greatly on the size of the roast, however. The one I did in the YouTube video I only cooked for 6 1/2 hours, and it was done, so check it once in a while, you want it to be tender and easily shred able. If cooking it overnight, it is usually done 8 hours later, even if it’s a bit smaller like the one I did it will be fine. Once you feel like it’s done, pull it out of the oven and let it sit in the pan to cool off. I usually let mine sit for several hours, this way it is cooled off enough to handle. The one on the YouTube video sat for 3 hours and the center was still almost too hot to pull apart. Shred and then either continue to the next step or package for use later.

If you are cooking this to make pulled pork for a party, you could now transfer to a pot or crock pot, pour barbeque sauce on, and heat through to make the sandwich filling. I usually use a store-bought barbeque sauce, I really like Sweet Baby Ray’s, but you could make your own as well. If you package the meat, it works great in a lot of different recipes. Some of the things we use it for are quesadillas – just the cheese and meat with some salsa for dipping when it’s cooked, my kids also like sour cream to dip them in. Fajitas – onions, peppers, all sautéed together, tortillas to put them in, and whatever toppings your family likes, we like cheese, lettuce and salsa. Sandwich fillings – I did a YouTube tutorial a few weeks ago for a chicken salad filling, this pork would also work great as a substitute for the chicken. Red Beans and Rice – this would be a great substitute for the sausage in Red Beans and rice depending on how you seasoned the meat in the beginning. There are so many possibilities once it is cooked and packaged. If you have a recipe you want to try it with, make sure you package it accordingly, so you have the right amount for the recipe. I was able to get 4 packages of meat, approximately 1 1/2 pounds per package, but this will greatly depend upon the size of roast.

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