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I hate being sick. However, there is something even worse than me being sick – my kids being sick. This week we have had a head cold running through our house that hasn’t been very fun, not that any kind of sickness is very fun, but this time of year, school is almost over, the sun is shining, the weather is warm, I just really think sick is something we should be in the winter when there are fewer fun things to do!

However, with sickness comes a slower pace. We don’t want to infect others, so we stay home. This forces us to stop doing all the normal things we would be participating in, driving around to all the school functions, after school activities and Church activities. This also means I will be slower getting my art out to the various shops, probably not before next week which is the beginning of the summer season. While this inconveniences both my bank account as well as the various shop owners, they have been kind and willing to let me wait and make sure we’re all good before we come around their shops and customers. I am grateful.

I am also grateful that we have immune systems in our bodies that take care of the various illness that we contract. Over the years I have learned a lot about the immune system, how it works, and what keeps it healthy, so I have tried for many years to make sure my family eats pretty healthy, takes their vitamins, gets sleep and drinks enough water, and so on, so that even when we do get sick, which is actually good for our immune systems, we can quickly overcome the illness and continue on with life. That has been the case this week, however, with 5 people in the house, it takes time to go through everyone, so we will be patient and wait.

Lastly, and this may sound really weird, I am grateful to get sick once in a while, or in this week’s case, that my kids get sick once in a while, and that it doesn’t always affect me, yet! It reminds me of how great we all feel most of the time, and how much I appreciate good health. It is also a great reminder of why we try to eat healthy food, why I spend money on vitamins, and that I really do need to drink more water and get better sleep. So, while I really do dislike sickness, especially when the weather is beautiful, I am grateful for many things that go along with it, time to be home, immune systems and keeping them healthy, and the reminder of how great healthy feels. And just one more funny quote because I thought this was funny. One of my daughters would totally agree with this, any given day of the week, no matter how she felt.

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