This week my husband has been working on a small job. We have had a lot of snow this year, and it’s been heavier than normal. There have been many problems this spring as the snow gets even heavier as the temperatures warm up and things start to melt. A friend and neighbor called him recently because the snow had pushed his wood stove chimney chase partway off his roof and it needed to be fixed.

You may be wondering at this point what this has to do with art, as this is my Friday art post. Well, because it’s a roof job, on metal roofing, and the roof is fairly steep, I have been working with my husband the last three days. And this morning I woke up grumpy.

I didn’t want to sit outside in the cold running our forklift, I didn’t want to go stand out in the cold watching and waiting for him to need something on the ground. I didn’t want to get all my winter gear on, and still be cold because I’m not moving much, just sitting on the forklift. Grumpy. What did I want? To be at home where it’s warm to write this post, to write it about art that I haven’t had a chance to work on, to paint something new and make a new YouTube tutorial for the week. Grumpy.

But, as I thought about it all, I decided it was up to me to adjust my attitude. This spring, as most springs are, has been tight as far as money goes, and this job will help us pay the bills one more month. Alaska winters aren’t my favorite, but March is a beautiful month to get outside. I’m grateful it’s not January and -30°. The fresh air is great too, and I sleep better when I’ve spent time outside. I also get to spend time with my husband, which is always a plus, even when that time is spent working on a job together.

So today, instead of being grumpy now, I am grateful. There is so much in life that can be looked at from so many different perspectives. We can be grumpy because life isn’t going how we want it to, or we can recognize the blessings that come with inconveniences and frustrations, because there is always a bright side, even when things don’t go as planned. I hope today you can see the bright side, whether life is going great, or things aren’t working out quite like you want them to. Find the good, find the positive.

Note: I will check the images when I get home as I can’t tell how they’re aligned or how big they are.

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