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We are fast approaching the end of the school year, and it has been amazing how fast the time has flown by. This year I started out excited for the school year, but somewhat dreading waking up for Seminary. I love teaching, but I am not a morning person. But as the year has gone on, I have enjoyed the opportunity more and more, and the mornings don’t seem so bad anymore, as long as I get enough sleep.

I woke up my boys this morning, the last day of spring break, and they were not happy that it was the last day. It has been a good week off, very rejuvenating, and with the longer days and warmer temperatures, we are all grateful that summer is just around the corner. But we have this last 2 months of school to get through.

This morning as I was thinking about the past 7 months, all that has been accomplished in school for the kids, in my business, my husband’s business, life in general. I was thinking about how many times my kids wanted to quit school, maybe still do. How many times I felt lost in my business, or in the direction I should be going. But we pressed forward, seeing small accomplishments, sometimes big accomplishments. As we continue to move ahead, spring has brought a new sense of great things coming. Whether it be summer for the kids, or new market opportunities for me, the beginning of the summer work season for my husband with a full schedule. What lies ahead is fantastic.

Today I see hope, hope because of the possibilities that the future holds. There is much chaos in the world, but that chaos doesn’t have to enter our hearts. It’s good to see, to observe and to be aware, but it’s not good to fear. There is hope in the future that I see, hope in the opportunities to work, to serve, and to make this world a better place, starting with just me, and then spreading to the world around me. Pushing forward and not allowing fear to take hold though is the key. Taking courage and stepping out into the unknown, making adjustments, and pushing on is the only way to that brighter future. So, this week I will press forward, holding on to the hope and light that comes from pushing to the completion of the tasks ahead, and the opportunities that come through that completion. The future is bright, I hope you take the courage to push forward as well.

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