I am a day early with my post and email, but only because it is the last day of November, and I promised you in one of my last few posts that I would post about the “Light the World with Love” calendar that my Church puts out. I am super excited about this calendar; it is 25 days of service-oriented activities.

I tried to get it to load so I could share the whole calendar here, but I’ll just have to link you to the calendar instead. You can find it on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints website along with other resources and videos, or link directly to it here.

I love this calendar! I don’t do everything on it, and I miss days occasionally. But I keep it where I can see it, try to read the prompt every day, and do something, whether it be the prompt for the day, or I think of one on my own. This has brought so much light into my life, especially during the holiday season, and hopefully the things we do for one another will brighten someone else’s, and maybe their whole holiday season as well.

I also love the Christmas videos I see. There are so many, and they are a great visual reminder to share and to care for others. I have seen many already this year, and here are some of my favorites:

Be Part of the Greatest Story Ever Told

The Christ Child

Giving Machines – by Spencer Murray

Believing Christ – by Spencer Murray

Forgive others – by Spencer Murray

Sharing and giving of ourselves is the best way I know of, to make this ever-darkening world a little bit brighter. If we each take the opportunity to share a little light with someone else, imagine the difference it would make in this world! If Love were more abundant, imagine the peace that we could have, within ourselves and in our communities, even the world around us. Every day is a great day to share and to serve, but the holiday season is an especially good time to do so, and there are so many people in need of a little help, a little friendship, a little love. And when we share our light with others, it helps strengthen the light with in us. What will you do this season to share your light?

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