I love all the seasons, and when each one is coming, I love that one the most. So, right now, I love Fall. Some of my favorite things about fall though, don’t have anything to do with the actual beauty of the season, but more with what it represents. But, the beauty of the season is what I noticed and appreciated today.

I teach an early morning seminary class, and we’ve reached the point where the sun is just cresting over the mountain tops when I am driving home. The leaves have mostly turned yellow and orange, and the combination of the color of the leaves and the bright morning sunshine was so beautiful this morning!

There are so many other things I love about fall as well. I like the season of harvest. We plant our garden in May, water and sometimes weed, watching every thing grow. And finally, we get to harvest the majority of our garden. Potatoes and carrots are my kids favorite things to harvest. Unlike the above ground vegetables and berries, you never know how well the root vegetables are growing until you start digging them up, it’s almost like a treasure hunt. I also love to bake, but don’t bake that much in the spring and summer. But when the temperatures start dropping, I get really excited about baking again. My family loves this, as there is fresh baked items more frequently available, and fresh baked is almost always better than store bought. I also love long-sleeved shirts, sweaters and jackets, and sitting reading with a blanket and a cup of hot chocolate. There doesn’t seem to be as much time for that kind of stuff in the summer, and that’s ok. I also love that I get back to painting more regularly. The summer gives me so much inspiration, but I never have time to do anything with it. So those pictures and ideas are just waiting to be transformed into beautiful paintings at some point in the fall and winter.

Every season has it’s pros and cons, but right now, I am finally ready for fall. Not snow yet! But the beauty of fall, and all the things that go along with it. What is your favorite season, or what are the things you like most about fall and the cooling temperatures?

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