Freedom I love this flag. Click to see the video. Thank you Spencer Murray for this awesome video!

I wasn’t sure what to write about today, but being Independence Day, I decided on Freedom. During Church today we had some great testimonies about freedom, but they were expressed from service men. People who had served our country, one in particular who has been deployed several times, and seen the horrific nature of war, and helped those injured in our military, who fought for me, who fought for you, who fought for freedom. Freedom takes on a whole new meaning when we understand the cost, on a personal level and how fragile it is.

I have been reading the constitution of the United States recently, and I am in awe at how well thought out this document is. The writers of the Constitution knew they were not perfect, knew they could never think of every contingency, so they allowed for updates and changes to be made. But the basic Constitution and Bill of Rights, I believe, is one of the most perfect documents that has ever been written by man. I believe they were inspired by God. There is a lot of misinformation going on in the media right now. I believe the people feeding our nation this misinformation may have read it enough to twist it, but the people receiving the misinformation and spreading it can not have ever studied it, otherwise they would be able to see through the lies, and therein lies the reason why our freedom is so fragile and is under attack today.

So, what are my thoughts on my country, on my freedoms? I believe America is the greatest nation on earth. I don’t believe our people are better than any other people on earth, but I believe that the United States is the only country on earth that has (or has had) true freedom. I agree with those who say that if America falls, there will be nowhere left on earth to flee for safety from tyranny. I believe in the Constitution, and that if followed, it allows all people, regardless of race, color or creed, the basics of human rights and dignity, and the freedom beyond that to either make something of their life or not. It places on the people the consequences of their own actions rather than imposing consequences from bad government decisions, or radical leaders who are only invested in their own personal interests. I believe it is up to each generation to uphold and sustain those freedoms by vote, and the right to peaceful protest, when necessary. But I do not believe that lawless riots, harming people or their businesses, or hate and censorship is the way to change laws or influence government leaders. I also believe that the first and second amendments should never be infringed upon, in any way, and that these are rights basic to a government for the people and by the people. I love my country, I love my freedoms. I will stand and defend them. Will you?

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